About Me

Astoria Farmers MarketWelcome Foodies and Skeptics and Friends alike! My name is Brooke, a food-loving Pacific Northwest lady with a bit of a self-deprecating princess complex (hence, Cinderella’s Kitchen). That’s not entirely true. Several years ago, whenever my roommate’s mom would come into town, I felt compelled to try out all my recipes (aka food experiments) on a fresh person. She started calling me Cinderella because I always seemed to have an apron around my waist and something steaming for her to eat. The name just stuck. But I probably do have a self-deprecating princess complex.


Why Gluten-Free?

I first went GF three years ago (before it was trendy, mind you). I had horrible seasonal allergies – the kind that require 6 different medications costing over $75 a month in co-pays and over-the-counter remedies.  After getting tested at a local allergy specialist, I was told I had allergies to nearly every environmental substance they test, excluding cockroaches. So, if the apocalypse happens, I won’t be sneezing?

The allergy doctor gave me more expensive  medications, and I was still miserable. Around this time, I was chatting with one of my favorite baristas – Ellen, who works at my local Peet’s—and she mentioned that some people have found cutting out wheat and dairy can help with seasonal allergies. In my desperation, I would have tried anything. I had no idea what gluten-free entailed, so I just ate chicken, vegetables and popcorn.  Three days later, I was a completely different person. Three years later, I am a wholehearted believer that a diet without gluten and minimal dairy (I fudge occasionally when it comes to cheese and yogurt) makes me feel like the best version of me.

That being said, I would certainly not prescribe a GF diet to anyone else as a lot of people  do not have gluten sensitivities and there are a lot of very unhealthy gluten-free foods out there.  Whole foods are always better! This collection of recipes has been verified by my gluten-eating friends as indeed edible and delicious for the glutinous palate as well.

Now that we have the GF thing out of the way, this site is simply a way for me to share some of my favorite recipes for others who want simple solutions to make delicious, healthy, fresh ingredient foods.

I am also a ridiculous calorie counter because I have no sense of portion control otherwise, so I have included those numbers just in case those would be helpful for you too.

Happy Cooking!

3 Responses to About Me

  1. Dolores Botsford says:

    Finally, I took the time to check out Cinderella’s Kitchen, and I am so happy I did. Your writing is delightful and I look forward to trying several of the recipes. Thank you, Dolores

  2. Denise says:

    Perfect Brook! Was just looking for heart healthy clean eating recipes since my husband’s heart surgery. Excited!! Congratulations on you blog!

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